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Sep 30, 2013

This interview first appeared on on September 26, 2013.

Interview Excerpt:

SneakPEAK: Before we get too far along, talk about remote viewing. How would you describe it to a layman?

Stephan Schwartz: Remote viewing is a protocol which allows you to have an objective measure of a person’s ability to open the nonlocal aspects of their consciousness. People are asked to describe things they can’t possibly know – these objects or people or locations are shielded by either space or time, and this is very specific information. It’s not something like, “Your grandmother loves you.” It’s more like I see a man who is 6-foot 2-inches with red hair and a beard.

When we began in 1968, those of us involved in exploring the power of consciousness started looking at this idea of psychic, which is a word I don’t use and don’t like. What we were doing raised questions about consciousness that suggest it’s not limited by space and time. Can I describe events in the future, or in the past? Can we describe a governmental secret site only select few people know? The denier community always says it’s nonsense, but there are thousands of papers published on the topic and they contradict those deniers. At the end of the day, they don’t have any data and we do. Remote viewing is unique because it has moved outside of the laboratory and become a sort of social movement. What started as a tiny protocol less than 10 scientists were working on in the ‘70s has become an advocated movement with clubs and groups and journals. It has become so successful because anyone can do this – it has almost become a hobby activity.


SP: What do you think of the various descriptors for remote viewing, like “mental yoga” and “mental martial arts?” Are they accurate?

SS: I coined all those terms, and it really is a modern mental martial art. You’re training yourself to have to capacity to hold intentioned focus. That’s why people who meditate are particularly good at this – they can hold focus. Like any human experience, it follows a bell curve, with a select few people on either end who are very gifted, or cannot or will not let themselves try. It takes practice and time, but people can learn.

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